My mum, Carrie, opened a restaurant in Kingston, Ont. when I was a baby, so I pretty much grew up in the restaurant industry. I decided at 11 that I wanted to become a Chef, so I trained intensely for 4 years and took over the kitchen at 15. The resto and I received international press, and it was a fantastic 8 year run. Loved every minute. Sold the place 3 years ago to move to Toronto. Started L.U.S.T (Luke’s Underground Supper Table) immediately; within a few months, The Food Network named it one of the top 15 underground supperclubs in the world. I haven’t looked back since.

For more insight into my crazy story, click here to read the TEDx speech that I gave in November 2011 at Queen’s University. It was my first speech. I was nervous as hell!